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The Beginning - 1997

The Weekend Rush began live broadcasts on the net in April 1997. The aim of the station was to promote and beam underground dance music across the globe using the new broadcasting technology on the Internet.

Hidden Agenda?

Unlike many other stations on the Internet, our intensions are purely musical - not financial! With the support of our sponsors and network partners we are able to broadcast the finest old skool, house, garage, jungle, drum n bass, breaks and other sub-genres of underground music direct to your desktop without commercials or other advertising! We are not about corporate restrictions or policies, it's all about the music.

August 2001

In August 2001, Weekend Rush was forced to close down due to our sponsors at the time abruptly withdrawing support; no warning and no explanation. With this unexplained withdrawal of support, we were left without a home - our domain names, servers and connectivity were taken from us.


After securing one of the original domain names, www.weekend-rush.co.uk, we planned to relaunch the site as a music news portal with an online radio station.

2003 - Back To Basics

It's 2003 and we are back! Although we're on a much smaller scale than we were back in the "good old days", we are aiming again to make Weekend Rush the success story it once was.

Weekend Rush Today

We are an underground dance music station broadcasting live and archive material on the Internet 24/7; specialising in House and Old Skool music.

Currently, we are looking at expanding and diversifying our range of music, live broadcasting hours and services. Not only are we looking for new DJ's, but also for anybody wanting to help with the running of the station (e.g. writing articles/news, ideas, funding, etc).

We need your help! If you're a DJ and would like a set, please fill out the DJ application form. If you're an online service provider or other company and would be interested in sponsoring us or helping us on the technical side, please email us. Thank you!


We'd like to know what you would really like to see added to, or removed from, the website and/or the station in general. Use the email form to send in your thoughts.


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